Containers Project cargo

Project cargo (Oversized cargo), as the name suggests, includes cargo that exceeds standard parameters. The specificity of oversized cargo is the need for special equipment for transportation, a specially thought out route, as well as special permits. Euroforward has extensive experience in organizing the transportation of oversized cargo and will gladly open the curtain of this process in this article.



Many enterprises and private companies over the world are increasing the pace of construction work every year, for which they need the most modern equipment. Wheel and crawler cranes and excavators, bulldozers and other equipment. Also, it can be various agricultural machinery and accessories. It is this technique that is classified as Project cargo or oversized cargo. To deliver such a cargo to a customer, our specialists need to be responsible for several complex stages of such transportation. These stages include:


  • combination of several types of transport


  • organization of the correct securing of goods on road transport, railways and sea vessels


  • coordination of cargo transshipment in intermediate ports


  • obtaining permission to transport oversized equipment across the territory of various countries and Ukraine


  • provision of transport and special containers for the transportation of oversized cargo that meets all the requirements.


During 2019 year, our company transported more than 50 units of quarry construction equipment from Korea, over 30 units of truck cranes from China, including those with a lifting capacity of more than 80 tons. Dozens of units of agricultural machinery from Brazil to Ukraine. And many other oversized cargo.


A variety of complex tasks in the transportation of project cargo over the years has given Euroforward invaluable experience and the status of an expert in this field of cargo transportation. Thanks to this, we are always ready to organize the transportation of oversized cargo of any complexity from almost all points of the world for our customers.